Saved by the Devil…?

Gates, Branson, Bezos, Ma, and more launched a multi billion plan to develop technology and renewable energy supply to save the world.


So the people who encouraged us to consume enormously , which caused our problems , and who got immensely rich with that , will use that money to make sure that the energy supply can continue , so that we can continue consuming….?

Of course that’s not enough , we will start consuming even more, since they have a business model behind it. They are business men after all.

In itself its brilliant: a perfect disguised way to make us even more depending on the big capital, not even from multinationals, but from individuals. They may own the renewable energy supply of the future…

It fits in the liberal capitalistic way of thinking: exploiting scarcity from environmental problems. By introducing even more technology and securing the energy for more consumption.

Not that we have the land or the materials to afford this, but thats not discussed here and now.

When is being recognized that if you can make a profit, it may not be sustainable? The current, self-devised, financial system is the cause of the problems, based on scarcity and on increasing consumption. And we fall for it, because we can go on and guzzle in consuming.
What a hypocrisy. Hello world, open your eyes. We will all go down happily consuming, fueled by renewable energy, sponsored by Gates & Co.


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Author: ronald rovers