no end of life… (/2)

a short addition to the previous article:

Just this week during our annnex72 meeting we had a discussion on biogenic carbon. And the topic of  ‘end of life calculating’ was at the table again. In relation to the carbon situation in 50 or 100 years or so.  And its still assumed that buildings will be demolished, and materiasl sent to waste or incinerated, for wood in that case  the CO2 will be released again. Apart from the arguments in the article (see previous post and  I suddenly  realized that the situation in 50 years will probably be completely different by then: climate change will have hit hard, we won’t have managed to keep temperature below a 2 degree rise. By the time people will do everything they can to limit emissions and avoid any further temperature rise. They might even be in a kind of panic by then. So sending materials to waste or burn them will be completely out of order, might even be seen as a crime. Especially wood will be preserved as much as possible. Even demolishing buildings might be forbidden, to avoid any additional energy and materials input as much as possible.

Therefore , calculating with an end of life today , is very shortsighted and only based on a continued misconception of unlimited availability of energy and resources. The same misconception that has brought us in current problems.

Author: ronald rovers