Bullshit Products…

A significant part of humanity is engaged in say “pushing papers around” not really contributing to generating value, physical value that is: investing and capturing energy, for example, processing materials, growing plants and food. They are engaged in trading in it, to make as much profit as possible, or writing reports about it. So paper pushers, or as they used to be called: the unproductive, those who do not contribute to the fruitful output of land use, but go to live off the interest and speculate. Abolish the whole bureaucracy.

They already did that in some healthcare sectors, and net available time and job satisfaction went up by leaps and bounds.

Then again, a book about that has already been written by David Graeber.

However, even if you do contribute to the ‘production process’, invest your labor in increasing value, also in a physical sense, it is not said that it is useful…. Then still a lot of useless and worthless bullshit is produced. Or in other words: Bullshit PRODUCTS.

Products you don’t actually need. You know that yourself, but they provide you with a happy moment. Or products you buy for a birthday, because yes, you have to give something. You can also give that child an ice cream instead of yet another Barbie doll or Lego box. Anyway.

Let’s give it a try…If the product didn’t exist, (and you didn’t know about it), would you miss it? Let me take a start and list a few.

Just samples, because the list can be made infinitely long, just as manufacturers can come up with an infinitely long list of products, just to entice us to buy. The order is random,


1/7 electric salt and pepper shakers. Ban!

Help! Everyone already has a salt and pepper shaker. That’s annoying if you want to sell salt and pepper shakers. So what do you come up with as an industry? Make them electric ! You still have to hold them in your hand, and push a button, but that’s hardly different form holding them in your hand and shake.

So there is absolutely no difference in the action…. But hey, it is brought as a revolution and people go for it and buy. Bullshit !

Man is weak and cannot decide on such drastic choices by himself. So: ban it. Simple and done.

Its even (much) worse as Norbert Schotte pointed out to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2e1x5IaO7k . So now we need to built wind-turbines to power your cell phone to instruct the salt dispenser , that requires solar panels to power its battery, to have some salt dropped into a cylinder, that you yourself have to pick up and spread on the food.


2/7 on many requests (!) : the leaf blower.

Leaves are nutrients for nature , so in principle you let them where they are. All those cleaned parks and gardens are misplaced neatness.

And if the leaves have to be cleaned up somewhere, you do it with a leaf rake. That saves a lot of noise, and energy. That is, labor energy replaces it, after all, winthout energy nothing works. But labor energy is good for your body.

But the most important argument comes next: that leaf blower uses electricity, generated with fossil fuel. And where does that come from? From leaves that have been left for millions of years to form fossil fuel. So using leaf blowers prevents the energy to form that you need to power them….

More to come…

Author: ronald rovers