New Books January 2024:

Post Fossiel Leven – leven van land en zon,

ofwel ruimtetijd als maat voor waarde (Dutch)

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The Urbanocene – cities as organisms ,

Essay, also as chapter 4 in the Dutch book Post Fossil Living

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March 2021:

Form Follows Fysics, reinventing the built environment.


(English only)
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e-book now available, hardcopy available from march 20 2021.



previous books :

boek-cover-gebroken_kringlopen-555x840cover-people-vs-resourcesPeople vs Resources, restoring a world out of balance ,
Eburon 2019, isbn 978-94-6301-255-3
Gebroken Kringlopen, naar een volhoudbaar gebruik van bronnen ,
Eburon 2018, isbn 978-94-6301-203-4




Towards 0-impact buildings and built environments,, Technepress 2010, isbn: 978-90-8594-028-9

Sust.Housing Projects, implementing a conceptual approach, GuideBook, Technepress 2008, isbn 978-90-8594-029-3
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