CO2 reduction & Closing Cycles ,

in the Built Environment.

Masterclasses to be announced here. If you are interested, send me an email, to keep you informed.

Its also possible to have in-house masterclasses and workshops in your company or institution.  These can be adapted to your situation. Please inform about the possibilities, also for online options .



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Meet colleagues in your field of expertise

discuss practical solutions for projects

get insight in latest knowledge 

learn sense and nonsense in hypes

understand consequences from ‘Paris’



A half or 1 day Masterclass will explore the consequences of the Paris climate agreement, and  illustrate the different aspects of Closing resource cycles for the built & urban environment.

In a 1-day masterlass the morning will consist of lectures, calculations and exercises, In the afternoon it will be about examples, cases, and practical issues by participants . A full interactive day,  and you will :

Become an expert in resource centered thinking!

Become  updated on latest knowledge regarding resource cycles, the interactions between energy and materials resources, know the ins and outs of popular strategies, have a good insight in the consequences global developments and explore in an interactive way the implications for your professional practice, gaining knowledge to structure a resource centered approach in your  project and how to define strong ambitions.

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The masterclass target audience are professionals that want to learn about sense and nonsense in resource strategies, and want to translate high environmental ambitions in sensible and concrete measures and targets .

The class will be maximized to  around 20 people.