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Stress test for cities

It will be cities that in the coming decades (and partly already now), will have to face people’s problems most directly. Which was my reasoning in my recently published book ‘Post Fossil Life.’ ( in Dutch, later this year in English). To start with Interpersonal problems, as we already see…

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Governments – where lies your responsibility ?

As a municipality, do not strive for growth that will increase your problems. Such was my central thesis of an opinion article in a regional newsppaper last week. But of course it applies more generally, which is why I repeat it here though in an adapted manner. We live in…

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a CO2 budget for a municipality

Slowly understanding growth that with regard to CO2, it is not so much about gradual reductions, but about staying within an absolute maximum: the Carbon budget. The maximum amount of CO2 that can still be emitted to maintain a chance of a maximum of 1.5 degrees of warming. Recently I…

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