Ronald Rovers, some highlights:

Book author: People vs Resources, publ. Eburon

Fellow Technical University Eindhoen, fac. Built environment

chair and organiser 1 st World conference Sustainable Building (SB2000, Maastricht)

co-founder iiSBE, International NGO: int.initiative for Sustainable Built environment

honorary member of the Chinese academy for Science and Technology, Wuxi, PRChina

expert missions for UNDP, OECD, Nuffic

guest lecturing, in Prague, Zurich, Aachen, Guimaraes (Pt), Hasselt(Be),

advisor to central European countries accession for the EU

advisor to Ministry of construction , PR China, for Sustainable Building development

Research leader for the pan European ministers of housing conference, 2002

founder and Editor in Chief, Int Magazine ‘Sustainable Building’, 2000-2004

initiative and design demonstration house from recycled materials, 1995 (Dutch IBC environmental award)

Book: Sustainable Housing, a conceptual approach , 2006 ISBN: 978-90-8594-020-3


Publishing and blogging bearing in mind the objective of a “zero impact built environment” ; not only energy, but also about water , food, and  materials as an integral part of a society which can only flourish on its resource base.

more information beside my blogs is available  at my office pages: www.sustainablebuilding.eu

email: r.rovers<at>sustainablebuilding.info

There is also a website dedicated to maximising energy and mass exergy in a system: www.maxergy.org

you can also find me at

linkedin: https://nl.linkedin.com/in/roversronald

twitter: @ron_rovers

researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Ronald_Rovers



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